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Essentially the decorative trim around a window or door.

Crown (Cornices) moulding is the horizontal band capping off the façade at the top usually just below the roof soffit line. Decorative horizontal bands on a home are designed to accentuate the different parts of the structure. Banding is usually any horizontal that is located at the floor levels above the main floor.

Rectangular blocks project used to support dentils

A cover that fits over the top of post that can enhance the design of your deck railing. Designed to be both decorative and functional.

A base plate that is styled to hold the column can be seen on the base of columns for design and elegance.

A decorative column is formed by putting together these three parts. This architectural element on a building usually determines or serves as the main architectural style of the building as they are pronounced. They are usually found at the main entrances to homes, municipal buildings as well as churches and commercial structures. These pre-designed columns can be made into any length and radius.

The supporting element that protrudes from the face of a wall that is braced in the form of a double edge curve.

Designed to be embedded at the exterior of a building to provide a classic or timeless style of a project.

Designed to provide architectural detail to the base of a window. Window sills has a sloped surface to allow for any standing water to roll away from the window ensuring a water tight condition.

Decorative moulding that covers the joint of a wall and the adjoining floor.

Laser trimmed blocks shaped like teeth used as a repeating ornament normally projects below the cornice, along the roofline of the building.

Provides a protective top surface for any wall type structure. Normally designed to with a sloping edge for water run-off and protects and preserve the actual structure of the building.

Decorative profile applied to a top of a column to create stylish and and graceful exterior.

Plinth blocks are located on the floor and below door casing to create a transition to the baseboard.

Non-decorative panels used to cover empty space between two side-by-side windows.

It is the highlight of the building with short side stone blocks, usually arranged in a toothed form projecting from a corner. 

An architectural element consists of shallow grooves along a surface normally for decorative and imitating the engaged column.


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