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About Us

DSG Mouldings, founded in 2015 in Richmond, British Columbia, has built a strong reputation for producing exterior architectural mouldings over the last ten years. Our dedication to outstanding product quality and customer service has positioned us as a leader in the industry. With continuous growth, DSG Mouldings has expanded the product offerings and gained recognition from Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland housebuilders.

We have merged traditional design principles with modern technology to develop innovative wall systems. These systems enable customers to add extra details to their projects easily, which were previously considered excessively costly. The continuous innovation is how DSG Mouldings remains a premier moulding manufacturer in British Columbia.

DSG Mouldings has a strong vision of sustainable growth and maintaining architectural stability. We strive to enhance our business by conducting ongoing technical research and providing support through our communication and R&D teams. Our management is fully committed to ensuring that our brand image continues to lead the industry into new frontiers.

Our Core Values


Our highest priority is the safety of our products to consumers in addition to the protection of our communities. We achieve exceptional performance by implementing our operating discipline management system with strict adherence.

Furthermore, we are committed to developing a sustainable future for architecture, promoting the harmonious coexistence of technology and nature.

DSG Mouldings Core Values


Our achievements are reliant on the relationships we establish with both our employees and customers.  At DSG Mouldings, we strive to be an employer of choice, recognizing that every DSG staff member, from those in manufacturing to those in the boardroom, plays a crucial part in driving our commitment to excellence.


Meeting the highest ethical standards is one of our top priorities. As a trustable moulding manufacturer, we carry ourselves with integrity and transparency, taking responsibility for our actions in every business transaction until a shared understanding is reached.


At DSG, we are one team, not only with our staffs but as well as with our customers.

We always carry our "Can Do" spirit that delivers distinguished performance as a team.



We are committed to achieving excellence in everything we do and continue to strive to make a significant difference through research, innovation, and ongoing enhancement.

Our focus extends beyond the present, as we consistently contemplate the development of both the current and future of the architectural exterior moulding industry.

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