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Our Exterior Window and Door Trims Services

Updated: May 15

DSG Mouldings produces the most economical and best quality Stucco and cement-covered foam treatments for exterior of residential and commercial buildings. These architectural features are designed to enhance the attractiveness of the inside and outside of your home or structure while providing maximum endurance.

DSG Mouldings has a vast selection of wall, window and door decorations with over 600 shapes to choose from; ranging from decorative and flat trims, arches, sills, columns, shutters and more.

It can turn a current structure into something invigorating and visually attractive by granting 'that extra something' and 'textural improvement'. It is the most cost-effective way to add architectural features, without the burden of other building materials or pricey labor costs.

To guarantee that the items you requested come to you in perfect condition, we take extra precautions when packaging and delivering your order.

DSG is highly engaged and active in the construction and home improvement sectors. We always look to inform customers about the latest products and services we offer, as well as assisting them in completing extensive remodelling jobs. We want to make sure you are aware of the progress being made within our firm and the changes in the industry.

Are you eager to give your house a new and improved appearance but concerned about the expenses and the standard of the products? Contact Us to learn more!

Window trim surrounded by wall panel system

Custom Project in Richmond, BC

Custom Entryway in Vancouver West, BC


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