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Why do EPS mouldings suit the best for the exterior?

DSG Mouldings produces one of the top-quality EPS (Expanded polystyrene) mouldings in BC, Canada. And here are 4 secrets why we adopt EPS over fully stucco, plastic, MDF or solid wood mouldings.

1. Wide range of custom design

EPS's compressive strength can be tailored for any complex design in a standard size.

Any small detail won't be dismissed by fully computerized CNC machinery shaping.

2. Synergy of high-density styrofoam and advanced technology

DSG Mouldings' products include synthetic fibres which intertwine to form a cohesive network. With an additional adhesive called acrylic binder, the mouldings can last harder and longer in any outdoor environment by preventing the coating from cracking under strain caused by weather-induced expansion and contraction, external impacts or simply as a result of natural ageing.

3. Alkali-Resistent Fiberglass Mesh

Normally, fibreglass mesh improves the performance and durability of EPS mouldings and works as an essential reinforcing touch for any EPS product. But fibreglass mesh of ordinary quality tends to break down over time due to continuous exposure to alkali found in all cement products. However, DSG Mouldings employs a specially treated fibreglass mesh with an alkali-resistant compound. This ensures its intended advantages are preserved for the entire lifespan of the item it's used in.

4. Elegant appearance

Despite all these benefits, we understand styrofoam may not sound like a very attractive design option. But keep this in mind, DSG Mouldings has undertaken exhaustive steps to guarantee that the polymer-modified cement coating endures as long as feasibly achievable. After applying the fibreglass mesh, we arrange the mouldings on a production line that moves the item through an extrusion machine before it's placed on a drying rack within a temperature-regulated space to undergo curing. You can actualize the texture you desire during this process. As a final touch, you can paint the moulding with a stucco & brick exterior paint Elastomeric Masonry to reach the exact aesthetic you were dreaming about.

DSG Mouldings only provides the best from our experience since 2015.

If you want to know more about EPS mouldings, please contact us by the button below.


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