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Client Responsibilities

& Product Disclaimers

To achieve our objective, we aim to guarantee that DSG Mouldings' products are following our stringent manufacturing standards and are professionally packaged, shipped, handled, and installed.

To assist us in our mission, we kindly request all DSG customers to thoroughly review the subsequent information before placing their orders.


  • The desired off-loading site should have unobstructed access for the delivery truck.

  • To handle large deliveries and materials safely and efficiently, help is provided by more than one person.

  • To ensure that the delivered materials are the same as listed in the packing slip, a detailed inspection of the product is done.


  • To ensure proper storage, place materials in a clean, dry area that is not exposed to direct sunlight. 

  • Make sure to avoid leaning materials against a wall. 

  • Protect products from water sources at all times to maintain a dry surface for better adhesion with adhesive and sealants. 

  • If you need to carry long flat-stock lengths, be cautious of causing the material to snap by suddenly uplifting it from near the center point. 

  • In certain instances, it is recommended to use a masonry saw blade for clean cuts. 

  • DSG Mouldings cannot be held accountable for any dissatisfaction with materials after installation.

  • The warranty of the service is 2 years for the material effect.


  • Manufactured items may exhibit deviations of up to 1/8" in tolerance for any measurement. 

  • The thickness of coatings can likewise display discrepancies.

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