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Exterior Architectural Mouldings
for Residential & Commercial Projects

Serving Metro Vancouver & the Lower Mainland Since 2015

About DSG Mouldings

Since its inception in 2015 in Richmond, British Columbia, DSG Mouldings has established a strong reputation for manufacturing top-quality exterior architectural mouldings for house design and more.
Our dedication to excellence and outstanding customer service has positioned us as industry leaders. We're proud to continually enhance our range of products, gaining recognition for quality and innovation across the Lower Mainland including Metro Vancouver.

Superior Components for Exceptional Quality

DSG's mouldings are composed of the following 3 components:

DSG Mouldings Componenets

DSG Mouldings sets itself apart as one of the few manufacturers that initiate the cement curing process not just with water, but with an "acrylic binder" (a kind of adhesive). It also includes synthetic fibres which intertwine to form a cohesive network. This unique approach results in a coating that is harder, more flexible and aesthetically appealing.


The presence of these two additional elements assists in preventing the coating from cracking under strain caused by weather-induced expansion and contraction, external impacts or simply as a result of natural ageing. And that's why DSG Mouldings' products are perfectly suited for exterior designs for windows, walls, and more than any other mouldings such as wood or stucco.

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Architectural Mouldings British Columbia

Need something a little different?

For custom designs, please email or chat with us today.

What We Do

Design and Manufacture
We craft innovative Exterior EPS Architectural Mouldings, tailored to your specifications.
Our specialists review your house plans comprehensively and provide detailed quotes.
We also offer design meetings for further discussions until we meet your satisfaction.

Skilled Engineering
Our skilled factory engineers meticulously create your mouldings using a wide variety of architectural profiles. We can cover a broad range of items from house trims to window design. 
We provide detailed 3D sketches and CAD drawings, enabling you to preview and decide on design changes or style choices.

Installation Expertise
We conduct thorough site surveys for all contracts, discussing the complete installation process with all stakeholders. Our in-house team and vetted partners align with our high standards, which we regularly monitor through site visits and customer feedback.

Experience & Connections
As a family-run construction material supplier and moulding manufacturer, we've successfully completed over 300 exterior moulding projects in the Lower Mainland.
Our commitment to quality, honesty, and customer satisfaction fuels our reputation for dependability and exceptional service.

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